• Shirts — Hand Finished and Laundered

  • Shirts come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and style.  Therefore, several different cleaning methods are needed based on the specific qualities.  We launder shirts unless they cannot fit onto the finishing machine, are label states, "Cool Iron" or "Hang Dry", or they have custom buttons and placket designs.

    Extreme Dry Clean laundry service helps you look your professional best each and every day. Whites remain brilliantly white and colors keep their vibrancy. We replace missing and damaged buttons at no charge, and special care is given to collars and cuffs. Technicians return shirts on hangers looking great and ready to wear. You’ll be more than satisfied with how your dress shirts look. You will love not having to fight with an iron every morning!

    Laundered Shirts

    We wash standard button down, cotton blend shirts in water and press by machine. We clean collars so they will be as clean as the day you bought your shirt.

    Unipress supplies our shirt pressing machines , which allows us to offer an exceptional finish on machine pressed shirts.

    Hand Press Shirts

    We either hand finish, dry clean, or wet clean shirts that cannot fit on a standard shirt press machine.  Our mission is to maintain a high level of clean and press quality. 

    Technicians hand press shirts when the label states, "Cool Iron" or "Hang Dry", after washing them in water. We take the upmost care of your expensive and custom dress shirts when they have custom buttons and placket designs that cannot be machine pressed. 

    Trust your shirt wardrobe to Extreme Dry Clean.