• Dry Cleaning the Green Way

  • Extreme Dry Clean is you family owned and operated hometown dry cleaner.  We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service.  We use many processes to clean garments.  Dry cleaning is the most recognizable, least understood, process we use.  After all, we are a dry cleaner.

    Dry Cleaning 

    Consists of soaking your clothes in some form of solvent to remove stains and return your clothes to a state of readiness for the next wear.  Technicians then press the garments and package them for delivery either to your home, office, or the Extreme Dry Clean store.

    We chose to use an environmentally friendly solvent that has the added benefit of being safe for your family.  You can read about the hazardous chemicals used by most cleaners on our Eco-Friendly page. Our solvents add richness to your garments natural colors while bathing the material in a mild and odorless fluid.  If your dry cleaning smells like chemicals then you are using the wrong company.  Finished garments are perfectly clean, comfortably soft, smell fresh, and are a pleasure to wear. Use Extreme Dry Clean and your experience will be a pleasure for both you and your garments.

    Give us a try today! Once you have experienced our dry cleaning process you will be hooked.  Never again will your closet smell like dry cleaning fluid.